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Pricing Information

Type of Quilt

Number of Blocks


Lap Quilt 15-20 $454.00
Large Lap Quilt 20-25 $512.00
Picnic Quilt 25-30 $569.00
Large Picnic Quilt 30-35 $615.00 
Multi-Use Quilt 35-40 $672.00
Small Twin Quilt 40-45 $730.00 
Twin Quilt 45-50 $787.00
Small Full Quilt 50-55 $856.00
Full Size Quilt  55-60 $914.00 
Small Queen Quilt 60-65 $995.00
Queen/King Quilt 65-70 $1,064.00

*Please call: 903-987-1888 if you would like a quilt with more than 70 blocks made*

*If I need to build up the block due to the integrity of the T-shirt block there will be an additional $5 charge per block.*

***With increased costs in goods across the board, I regret to be forced to increase my prices to cover costs associated with the materials used in making each quilt. I haven't increased my prices since I opened 10 years ago, but with the increased cost in the materials costs I have no choice but to do so.*** 

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