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Ordering Information

Before you send in your order don't forget:

  1. Choose your t-shirts you'll be providing for your quilt carefully.  Make sure you want THAT memory in your quilt. Keep in mind that once it's IN, it's IN.
  2. Count the t-shirt blocks ie: a front, a back, a sleeve, each one is a t-shirt block in your count.  We'll use the designs, logos, and pictures on your shirts (and avoid using advertisements when possible unless you tell us otherwise).
  3. If you don't want a particular portion of the shirt used, make sure you mark it clearly by placing blue painters tape over it so I know NOT to use that portion of the shirt. ***tip, blue painters tape can be found at Walmart or most hardware stores in the painting supplies are***
  4. Please DO NOT cut your shirts yourself, we will do it for you. 
  5. Wash and dry your shirts before sending them, but DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS.  They make the shirts more difficult to manage.
  6. Place your clean, dry t-shirts/sweatshirts folded up and into a clean trash bag. Please don't waste your time ironing them as it won't make a difference.  ***tip: If your t-shirts have colors that you feel might run when you are washing them, wash them a couple of times before you send them in.  This will prevent any dyes from running together when you wash your future quilt in the future.***
  7. Choose the color of your backing when you fill out the order form.  If you have a particular color or pattern in mind that's just fine. We'll do our best to locate what you have in mind or at least as close as we can find available for you.  We want you to love your quilt and are here to fulfill all of your request as best we can. If a color for the backing isn't selected, we'll choose for you with what we think will look the best so don't worry.
  8. We ask for 1/2 of the cost of the quilt up front with your order in the form of a check if possible.  Upon completion of your quilt you will need to pay the other half plus shipping costs and tax.  Once the final payment is received we will ship your quilt back to you.  :)  You will need to pay sales tax on the estimated cost (multiply your subtotal by 1.0825) and it will give you your Total.

*It will take several weeks to complete your quilt once we start, not when it is received.  So, if your box arrives for instance on October, 1st, this does NOT mean it will ship out November, 1st.  This is a first come first serve business, what that means is this. When your turn comes up it could be several weeks from that date it arrived. Please keep in mind we have orders arriving frequently from the initial point of contact between us. Please be aware of shipping time to us and then back from us can take up to a week depending on where you are.  We will notify you as soon as we begin work on your quilt by text. If you have questions about how many quilts are ahead of yours so as to get an estimate of when yours will be started, please feel free to text me at: 903-987-1888 or send me an email at:

**It is rare for our estimated time to complete a quilt to be off, however if you have special requests for t-shirt placements this does tend to take longer.  There are two times of the year when quilts could take longer than normal to complete and those times are during graduation  (Feb-May) and Christmas (August-December). These are our peak busy times of the year and this can tend to make our normal estimates to take a longer. 

***If you need the quilt rushed, tell us.  We'll see what we can do to make sure you receive it in time.  I promise we will do everything in our power to get it back to you by your desired date, but please realize, these are hand-made quilts and not mass produced blankets from a factory, so you must give us ample time to make your quilt and ship it back to you!

Remember: Special occasions (graduation and Christmas especially) are our busiest times.  Make sure to order your quilt well in advance as we fill up quickly. :)

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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