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Shipping and Handling Costs

S/H within TEXAS is a Standard flat rate charge through USPS of $45.00 for each quilt shipped (finished quilts are very bulky and heavy). I regret to have had to increase my S/H fee. I have been forced to do so due to the state of shipping rates increasing drastically across the board.

*If more than one quilt is being made for you obviously your cost will be more. I will text you to advise of the additional costs associated so you can add that into your final payment. Once final payment has been received I'll ship your quilt or quilts out to you.

I DO NOT add additional cost to your return shipping charges unless you have Special Requests such as: signatures, expedited shipping and the cost of the box to return ship in, (normally the box you ship your t-shirts in is too large to ship your quilt back in).

Shipping/Handling rates outside of TEXAS are Higher. I will text you the costs for USPS once your shipment is weighed and calculated by USPS. Again, I DO NOT add any costs onto your return shipping charges unless you require a signature, expedited shipping (which I'm charged extra for), or if I have to buy a box for your return shipping.

* International clients Please Contact GotQuiltz? regarding Cost

Call for Shipping address and Please leave a message if no answer. My machine is loud so I could miss your call. I no longer return calls without a message due to Scammers. 🙄
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