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Frequently Asked Questions


What all is included in the price of the quilt?
The price includes EVERYTHING Top to Bottom! Cutting all of your t-shirts or clothing, designing your quilt top, piecing your quilt top, all backing fabric, batting, thread, quilting services and handmade bindings and then finally attaching your binding to complete your quilt. It's all in one cost!

You just pay tax and shipping charges outside of the Pricing chart. The shipping cost vary GREATLY depending on where you are. I will give you that cost at time of shipping to include with your final payment.

How is price calculated for a quilt?
Price is calculated on the number of BLOCKS in your quilt top. For example: A t-shirt has a front, back, sides and sleeves generally. So you count the number of graphics YOU want me to use in that particular t-shirt and that's the amount of BLOCKS for that t-shirt...For example: You want to use the front and back only, that's 2 BLOCKS. Use the front, back and sleeve, that's 3 BLOCKS. Use front, back, sleeve and pocket logo, that's 4 BLOCKS in your count of Blocks for pricing.

Here is how to figure your tax...UGG, MATH... This is only an example: Multiply 1.0825 to your SUBTOTAL (from price sheet that match the number of BLOCKS in your quilt ) to see your TOTAL COST with tax calculated in. I'll give you your Shipping cost that you can send in with your final payment when I have it weighed at USPS or UPS.

EXAMPLE:  you have 20-25 BLOCKS, this is $512.00 for your entire quilt, so $512.00 X 1.0825 = $554.24 That's it, your total with tax. (As you can see Tax is $42.24 that has been added in for you with this method. My tax rate here is 8.25 0/0. Then of course return shipping back to you added later. I send a picture so you can see how much it will cost for the shipping for you. Nothing I can do about these two items I'm afraid : )  

What if I've already cut my shirts?
Honestly, sadly that is a problem. If you've cut them where I can recut them to desired size or you haven't cut them and left a seam allowance it's a problem and your quilt will not look like the examples in my gallery more than likely. I cut them where they are all different sizes and need to be able to do this part FOR SURE myself.  Sorry but I get that Fun : )
I would have to look at what has been cut and let you know IF I can use that t-shirt or not.  So Sorry to have to say this but am ALWAYS upfront with my clients. I DO promise to TRY to use them for you if at all possible. I KNOW how special each one is.

If I can fix them and use them there will be an additional $3-$5 fee per shirt to fix. If I have to Build up a block (put your cut shirt onto another blank block and sew it down it is $15 a block. It's A lot of work and TIME to do this!!

What if I have applied Stabilizer to my t-shirts?
If you've applied an interfacing/stabilizer to your shirts there will be an additional fee. This gums up my sewing machine and longarm quilting machine which in turn causes me to have a professional cleaning done on my machines which is VERY EXPENSIVE... PLEASE don't do this....I have NO CHOICE but to pass this cost on to you.

It makes it Very Difficult for me to quilt your quilt for you, as well as making a Very Stiff quilt.. Yuck, Who wants THAT...

Cost would be determined by how many blocks have been stabilized.

How long does it take to get my quilt back?
Great Question...It takes from the time we START your quilt roughly 4-6 weeks if fabrics are in stock and we aren't waiting on shipments to arrive. (I will say with COVID -19 ship times are LONGER unfortunately.)
Now I say from the time we START your quilt because we work on a First Come First Serve basis. What that means to you is this...If we have spoken on the phone or you've sent a not or order form in online but you haven't shipped your order to me and someone else has, well that person is now AHEAD of you in line. So it's really up to when your order arrives and how many we have ahead of yours as to the START date of yours. But, START to finish is about 4-6 weeks give or take with what I referenced above. We try hard to get them back to you quickly but are known for our quality and I'm not going to hurry your quilt along to get to the next client in line. I just don't work that way. Again, just being honest with you and I'm sure that's what you want.

Graduation time and Christmas time are our BUSIEST times of the year. Cut off for Graduation with shipment HERE is March 1st and Christmas is September 1st.

What if I'm just 1 shirt over the price cut off?
Well I DO have a   If you go JUST ONE over then I WILL look the other way and not charge you for that one....BUT, if it is TWO or more then I have no choice but to charge accordingly...It's my TIME that increases so much in the Design process etc... that I MUST bill for. But just ONE and I got your back :)


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