You know today, there are so many different uses for quilts other than just having them on a bed. Today, more and more designers are choosing to decorate wall spaces with them.   Whether in your home as an accent piece in the living room, bedroom,or even down a hallway. Used in an office setting, with accent lights strategically positioned to illuminate the quilt makes a nice statement. Really the decorating possibilities are endless.

  • I’ve made t-shirt quilts for State Championship victories that have been lovingly presented to proud Dads and Granddads to hang in their offices. (GREAT BRAGGING RIGHTS) We all know how parents and grandparents LOVE to brag on their kid’s and grand kid’s accomplishments (and rightfully so).     : )
  • Another popular t-shirt quilt is for your causes.  Whether it is Breast Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer’s Walks, Diabetes events, etc….the list is endless when it comes to our causes. But the memories from the walk-a-thons and events that we gather for, are usually for someone or something very close to our hearts. What better way to remember them than to have a t-shirt quilt made from the t-shirts that we proudly wore on their behalf. Don’t let these t-shirts just be hidden away and forgotten about in a drawer somewhere.They are a part of your history. Keep those memories alive and thought of often by having a t-shirt quilt made from them to display.
  • High School graduation t-shirt quilts are always a winner with your graduate! Whether it be cheer-leading memories of all the games they cheered at through the years, or your drill-team member, band, twirler, mascot, football, baseball, tennis, soccer, volleyball or basketball player. Maybe you have a swimmer or wrestler or involved in Ag. It’s ANY organization that YOUR child was involved with and participated in. YOUR KIDS ARE GREAT!!  Let them know How Much those years meant to you as well as to them.
  • I have made many quilts for parents who are sending their children off to college for the first time and they want to send a little piece of home off with them. College is a big step. All of a sudden where your child may have been a “big fish in a small pond”, they now find themselves in a very “large pond”  trying to find where they fit in. It can be hard and a little scary. But having something tangible to look at whether hanging on their wall or draped on their bed can be a comfort. This allow’s  them to remember how great they were in high school and that they can be that again in college.  All the positive reinforcement we can give our kids helps them to find their way so far away from home. It also reminds them of how wonderful they are and how much they are loved. A bonus to sending a t-shirt quilt with your child is that even though they may not know this new roommate, their t-shirt quilt can be a nice ice-breaker to help jump start that awkward first conversation between them.(And the quilt lets their new friends know how great they were in high school without your child having to say a word!)  Lol   So that’s one reason I suggest sending a t-shirt quilt off with them. The other reason is to cover those ugly cinder-block walls in the dorms.. eeekkk  How I remember those !!  : )
  • Of course little kids and school days go with out saying. These are sweet and usually a smaller of the quilts we make.
  • Another popular t-shirt quilt is for vacation t-shirts. Ok, we ALL have them…the t-shirts we get because they look cute on vacation but when we get home there’s really no place appropriate to wear them. Except maybe to the gym. PUT THEM IN A QUILT!!! Don’t forget all those spring break trips to the beach or winter breaks spent skiing. What about the t-shirts from all the ports you stopped at on your cruise? These are FUN quilts to have. Gather together everyone’s t-shirts that went along and ta-dah….Instant fun skipping down memory lane when the family gets together again.
  • Wedding t-shirt quilts : ) This is where the Bride and Grooms parents are sneaky and take 1/2 of the t-shirts from the bride and 1/2 the t-shirts from the groom and combine them together for a quilt of the couples fun times during their courtship together. Then together the parents present the couples quilt to them as a very special wedding gift. Truly these are SO SPECIAL that usually someone winds up crying… Usually the Moms…haha    The t-shirts can be from college days together or maybe they went to different schools and those shirts are combined. Or maybe they were in church camps together year after year and those are placed together. It’s just the couples memories and those t-shirts of that time spent together that’s important. SO Special !!  : )  I love to make these quilts!
  • Also, Sorority and Fraternity Quilts are GREAT!! Usually very colorful and playful!! And Lord knows these kiddo’s have oddles and skadds of t-shirts!!! lol
  • How about if you are one of those lucky people who have been given the oppurtunity to live in several different places. Put your t-shirts and your kids t-shirts all together for a quilt from each place you’ve lived. All the events, schools, and activities your family were involved in together when living in that place. Really unique quilts.
  • Motorcycle trips…now all you bikers KNOW you MUST buy at least one t-shirt from all of your rallies and trips. Come on… admit it…. You do and you know it and so does everyone else!  LOL…But really, these are wonderful quilts for your guy to hang in his office or MAN CAVE…. And look, this works out to your advantage guys… think about it, you now get to buy Two t-shirts, one for you to wear and the other for an awesome t-shirt quilt of all the places you’ve visited.  It’s a Win – Win     So “Get your motor runnin…” Easy Rider!!!!
  • NASCAR Fans “START YOUR ENGINES”.  Show your support for Your favorite racing team by having a t-shirt quilt made from all of those t-shirts you’ve collected throughout the racing season. These quilts are SO FUN to have when you and your fellow race fan friends get together to watch those races you can’t make it to.
  • Ladies, do you have a sports fanatic in your family? I think we all do. Whether yours is a Dallas Cowboys fan, Rangers, Mav’s or Dallas Stars fan, we know how our guys LOVE to collect those game day t-shirts and Jerseys. Free up some closet space and put them in a commemorative quilt! Your guy will LOVE it and brag to his buddies about how great you are for having this made for him. Hey, you might even get a nice dinner out for your good deed.  : )
  • Family reunions…We all have them and usually someone designs a t-shirt for everyone to wear. Family reunion t-shirt quilts are FULL of memories, some fun and some…not so much….But hey lets face it. It’s FAMILY after all….hahha. But seriously,everyone pitch in one year and have a t-shirt quilt made for someone special in your family.(Maybe the person that organizes it every year). Fun Times!
    Of course little kids and school days go with out saying. These are sweet and usually a smaller of the quilts to make.
  • Bereavement quilts bring such comfort to those who may have lost a loved one.  It’s something about the security of wrapping up in their loved ones t-shirts. It’s like a hug I think. It’s just comforting is all I can say. On this particular quilt I ask that the person desiring this type of quilt call me so we can have a conversation about the shirts. I normally require the t-shirts be washed before being sent. But in this case some of the smells need to be in the shirts from the loved one that has passed. I wouldn’t want to have those smells washed out of the t-shirts. So please call so we can visit a bit about them.

There are SO MANY more. If you can think it up, I can quilt it up…

~Happy Quilting~