Type of Quilt: No. of T-Shirt Blocks* Approx. Price
Lap Quilt 15-20 T-shirts $370.00
Large Lap Quilt 20-25 T-shirts $445.00
Picnic Size Quilt 25-30 T-shirts $485.00
Large Picnic 30-35 T-shirts $525.00
Multi-Use Quilt 35-40 T-shirts $575.00
Small Twin Quilt 40-45 T-shirts $625.00
Twin 45-50 T-shirts $655.00
Small Full 50-55 T-shirts $725.00
Full Size Quilt 55-60 T-shirts $765.00
Small Queen Quilt 60-65 T-shirts $825.00
Queen/King Size Quilt 65-70 T-shirts $895.00


  • A t-shirt block is either a front or back of a t-shirt normally. So 1 t-shirt may have 1 block (a front design or a back design to be used). However, in some instances  it could be the front and the back of the t-shirt that your wanting to be used, in this case it is considered to be 2 t-shirt blocks. Also logo’s on sleeves are considered blocks as well. If you would like to use those area’s they look great and add interest to your quilt top and of course we can do so for you. Virtually any part of the shirt that once CUT into a block in the design of your quilt top is considered a t-shirt block.
  • Price of quilt includes designing your quilt, cutting all of your t-shirt, piecing the quilt top,backing material,  80/20 batting,quilting your quilt,custom made binding, and then finally attaching your binding.
  • If your shirts have already been cut there will be an additional fee for each block that has been previously cut.The reason is MATH!!! Isn’t that always the reason!!! That darn math thing : )
  •  Some t-shirts, once they’ve been pre-cut, I just cannot “build up” with fabric enough to use. I’ll look at them on a case by case basis to determine whether or not they can be used in the quilt and let you know if there’s a problem.  I of course will try to save the shirt, but if the graphic is cut into or not enough seam allowance has been left then that would be a problem for that particular shirt I’m afraid….But, I promise to try to save your t-shirts if at all possible because I know how special they are : )
  • Stabilizers…If you have applied a interfacing/stabilizer to your t-shirts there will be an additional fee.This gums up my quilt machine and makes it very difficult for me to quilt your quilt. It also make a very stiff quilt …YUCK Who wants THAT  🙁
  • Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of your finished quilt back to you once it’s been started. (That’s 4 weeks once it’s started, not when it’s received.) I always have orders in house and my quilts are on a first come first serve basis.
  • Please for your sake call me BEFORE sending your order to me if you have a specific timeline in mind to see if I can MAKE your timeline. I always TRY to accommodate your dates, however there are some times of year that fill up extremely quickly and I may not be able to make your date. PLEASE CALL BEFORE SHIPPING!!! If we can’t make meet your date and you have shipped to us then the return shipping is C.O.D. and your deposit is forfeited.
  • Rush fees will be in the amount of $50 additional cost and only if it’s possible to do so. Not at Christmas or Graduation time! (everybody wants theirs then) : )
  • For Christmas delivery I must have t-shirts in house no later than October 1st. It is first come first serve to guarantee Christmas delivery. If your order is coming in for Christmas you MUST CALL FIRST to see if we can still make Christmas delivery for you. WE FILL UP FAST and some years BEFORE our deadline!!!
  •  8.25% Sales Tax must be added to all orders. Plus return shipping charges unless your picking up.
  • All sales are final/No refunds. These are Hand Made Quilts, made from your old, used clothing. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur once the quilt has shipped to you or been picked up.
  • We require 1/2 the cost of the quilt down as a non-refundable deposit at the time your t-shirts are left. Non-refundable deposit is due to hold your place in line which in-turn is turning someone else away. Even if you change your mind once the t-shirts are in-house you will not get your deposit back! I have held this place for you and turned someone else away.
  • If the majority of your t-shirts are XL or larger sizes, and/or the graphics are predominantly oversized, there will be an additional cost added to your final bill due to the cost of extra backing fabric,batting,and binding fabric required to make your quilt.
  • Special request of placement of shirts can be accommodated of course for a couple of shirts however, if it is more than a couple than it is considered a Custom Quilt which is an additional $100  custom design fee based upon the size quilt. PLEASE try to leave the design work to us : )  Remember, you liked the look of our quilts or you wouldn’t have chose us in the first place : )
  • All t-shirts need to arrive CLEAN please!!! There is a $30 handling fee for dirty shirts!!! You don’t want to touch strangers dirty laundry and neither do we, YUCK!!
  • PLEASE count your t-shirt blocks and mark them carefully. If we have to do this TOGETHER there IS a $35.00 charge.
  • If your count is off I will attempt to contact you to talk about it and any added cost if your count is to low or less cost if you’ve miscounted on the high side, however if I can’t get you then the additional cost will be added/subtracted to your remaining balance. I must move forward with your quilt to meet your deadline.
  • If your t-shirt number is greater than what is represented above PLEASE call for a quote to see if we can handle the order!! Please don’t assume it will be the same cost as the 65-70 quilt because it wont be. The quilt size can get to be  SO LARGE that I don’t put that number on my pricing list. CALL for a quote.
  • Finally, I want you to know YOU are our #1 priority and we want you to Love your quilt! The above is only for information, I have NEVER had any issue arise, but I do need to make you aware of our policies. It’s just business.

To calculate your Sales tax see example…

Example, multiply 1.0825 to your subtotal (from above price sheet that matches the number of t-shirt blocks in your quilt) to see your TOTAL COST with tax calculated in).

For example you have 20-25 t-shirt blocks, that is $445.00 x 1.0825 = $481.71 (this equation calculates the sales tax for you, to give you your TOTAL COST INCLUDING SALES TAX. As you can see the sales tax amount is $36.71 which was added in for you.

**Please remember our quilts are made on a first come first serve basis and we book up very quickly!

**pricing subject to change

Contact us at: GotQuiltz@gmail.com email anytime or call us during regular business hours at  903.987.1888  with questions or to place your order.