Owner: Colby

Colby’s t-shirt quilt is made up of many t-shirts he collected thru out his high school and middle school years. This was SUCH a FUN quilt to see come together!! A fun way to surprise your kids with all their t-shirts in one spot, is to give them this type of quilt  as a graduation gift. It shows them just how important those years were to YOU, as well as to them. It’s also such a part of THEIR history, and happy memories they can take with them when they take that next step off to college.It’s like they’re taking a little  piece of HOME with them when they leave. And,quilts make GREAT decorations for covering those cold,ugly cinder block walls in college dorm rooms plus, they’re a great way to get a conversation started with a new college roommate.( Also, and always a bonus,they can show their new friends how GREAT they were in high school without looking like your bragging…LOL…)