How many T-Shirts do I need?

This is the question I most often get asked and rightfully so; it’s a very important question. But the truth is, it varies! First ask yourself, how large do I want my quilt to be? How complex? What kind of designs are on the shirts I’m submitting? If the designs on the shirts are small, you’ll need more to make the quilt; if they’re large designs, you might not need as many.

In our process, we take the number of shirts submitted and cut them down to their design graphic. Once the shirts are cut, we can offer a more accurate guesstimate of the size quilt your t-shirts will make. If you wish we’ll contact you to let you know what size is possible with the number of t-shirts you’ve sent us. At that point we’ll proceed with the construction of your quilt top. However, if you want it to be larger than the size your t-shirts make we can discuss options to get it to the size you desire. There are all sorts of tricks we can pull out of our hat to make the quilt a little larger if that becomes necessary.

Remember: this is your quilt. We want to make it the way you want!! Your satisfaction is our main goal!!!

How many shirts do I need for each size of quilt?

Here are some approximate numbers — but remember, designs vary, so the numbers do too!

Quilt Approximate # of T-Shirt Blocks* Approximate Size
Lap Quilt 15-20 T-shirts 48″x50″
Large Lap Quilt 20-25 T-shirts 52″x56″
Picnic Size Quilt 25-30 T-shirts 56″x62″
Large Picnic 30-35 T-shirts 60″x70″
Multi-Use Quilt 35-40 T-shirts 64″x74″
Small Twin Quilt 40-45 T-shirts
Twin 45-50 T-shirts 68″x84″
Small Full 50-55 T-shirts
Full Size Quilt 55-60 T-shirts 84″x92″
Small Queen Quilt 60-65 T-shirts
Queen Size Quilt 65-70 T-shirts 92″x100″
Small King Quilt 70-75 T-shirts  105″x110″

*A t-shirt block can be a front or back or a logo on a sleeve or even a graphic on a hoodie of a t-shirt. So 1 t-shirt may have many blocks that can be used. Therefore each graphic would become it’s own block and is counted as such.   So basically ANY part of the t-shirt that is cut and becomes separate IS considered a t-shirt block. It is a Block in your t-shirt quilt top.  Example~ I want to use a graphic down a sleeve on my t-shirt and the front too, so this is counted as 2 t-shirt blocks. It’s on one t-shirt, but the blocks for the quilt are what you count and calculate, not the t-shirt count. Call and I’ll be glad to explain if you still don’t understand.

What happens if I just don’t have enough shirts?

Don’t worry – if you want a larger quilt but don’t have enough t-shirts, we can add some blocks from your t-shirts to increase the size somewhat. Now, you do have to remember it will alter of course the interest of your quilt, due to the fact that these blocks would not have a logo of any type on them. But it can be done, and it still makes a very nice looking quilt. If you think you might not have enough shirts (or there are a lot of small designs on them) be sure to let us know ahead of time.

What color will the backing be?

It’s up to you – remember what we said above..This is your quilt and we want to make it the way you want it. So on the order form, you can choose between our standard solid colors (blue, green, red, yellow, pink, purple, black and maroon) or indicate your preferred color and we’ll try to find it for you.

What color will the binding be?

That’s your choice, too — standard colors, listed on the order form, are blue, green, red, purple, pink, black, yellow and maroon. You get to pick and tell us your preferred color.

How do I prepare my T-Shirts?

  • Wash your T-Shirts (with detergent) and dry without dryer sheets please. (They make the fabric much more difficult for us to work with).
  • If there is a part of your T-Shirt you DO NOT want used, mark it clearly with blue painters tape just by Xing it out.(Wal-Mart carries it in their paint department).
  • If you have a special request for placement of a t-shirt (i.e. in the center, at the corner, beside another shirt) write the request on masking tape or a note and affix it to the appropriate shirt(s). If possible, please keep special requests to a minimum as we need freedom to layout your shirts in the most creative design possible.
  • **YOU MUST PRE-WASH YOUR SHIRTS..PLEASE DON’T SEND SOILED CLOTHING TO US!** This is YOUR heirloom t-shirt quilt, you want it to be clean and wonderful and not dirty and smelly. Also, we don’t want to work with soiled clothing eekk : (  Would you?? Yikes   


What if my shirt is stained?

No worries – simply mark that portion as “do not use” (with painters tape) and we’ll avoid it. If it’s in the middle of a design we may need to talk about it. We would just have to see it to make that determination. Do keep in mind that some stains have some stories and memories that go along with them…haha

How can I be sure I’ve sent enough shirts?

Feel free to send extras! Put them in a separate bag and just mark that bag as EXTRA SHIRTS. We’ll send them back if they aren’t necessary.

I’m still confused?

Not a problem! Contact us by e-mail anytime, and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.